Student Pilots

As of April 1st, 2016, Aviation Medical Examiners can no longer issue the combined student pilot and third class medical certificate. This certificate has been discontinued. Student pilot certificates are now issued by a flight instructor (CFI), a designated pilot examiner (DPE), a part 141 flight school, or the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). The FSDO for this area is in Portland, Maine.

New Hampshire Aerospace is still able to provide this service, however, because Dr. Row is also a flight instructor.

To Apply for a Student Pilot Certificate

  1. Go online to IACRA and create an account.
  2. Click on "Start New Application".
  3. Under "Application Type" choose "Pilot".
  4. Under "Certifications" choose "Student Pilot".
  5. Click on "Start Application".
  6. Enter the information requested.
  7. Click "Review and Submit".

We recommend that you print out the application. You will want a copy for your files (it is important to keep good records as a pilot). Your FTN and Application ID will be on the printed copy.

When you come to New Hampshire Aerospace you will need your FTN, your Application ID and your username and password for IACRA. You will also need proof of identity. Proof of identity must include the following items:

This can be accomplished using more than one document. Some examples are:

We will verify the documents and your proficiency in the English language, and then sign the application in IACRA. You will be required to log in to IACRA during this process. It is important that you have your IACRA user name and password available. In about one week the FAA will email you a link to download a temporary student pilot certificate and you should receive your permanent student pilot certificate by mail in about three weeks.