No Third Class Medical.

BasicMed is the name the FAA is using for the new Third Class Medical Reform that became effective on May 1st, 2017. BasicMed eliminates the need for a third class medical certificate for the following operations:

Under BasicMed, your state licensed physician can certify your fitness to fly if:

The certification by your state licensed physician is valid for four years from the date signed.

In addition, you must take an online, medical self-certification course every 24 calendar months to operate under BasicMed. AOPA offers such a course at This is an excellent course and we recommend it for all pilots, even if you are not planning to fly under BasicMed.

AOPA's BasicMed Pilot and Physician Guide contains all the information you will need to get started with BasicMed.

Is BasicMed right for me?

The FAA accepts BasicMed for any operation that would previously have required a third class medical certificate. The choice of how you certify your fitness to fly is entirely up to you. Before you decide on BasicMed, however, we recommend that you check with your insurance carrier, FBO, and anyone else you fly for to determine if they will accept BasicMed. The majority are accepting BasicMed, but some do not.

What is New Hampshire Aerospace's role in BasicMed?

New Hampshire Aerospace can help you with:

However, New Hampshire Aerospace does not perform the BasicMed certification. As Aviation Medical Examiners, we are designated by the FAA to perform examinations for the issuance of an FAA medical certificate. BasicMed certification is designed to be performed by the state licensed physician who provides your primary care. It is our opinion that your primary care physician's knowledge of your medical conditions and overall health is an integral part of the BasicMed program. As such, we do not feel that we should certify pilots under the BasicMed program.